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~Journey of love from high school to college ~part II -continuation- ?

The next day, it was friday so I was keen in talking with her and maybe get to know much better during the weekends. Anticipated and hopeful to see Leno turn up I sat near the canteen which lay just in front of the school gate just to check whether she had any "special"person.
Few minutes passed and the bell for the morning assembly rang, still I was hopeful to see Leno but she didn't turn up as anticipated. Being dismayed over her absent in class the whole day in school seems like a total waste of my day as it was boring and torturing as the day proceeded.
I couldn't wait to go home, so that maybe I could do something about it. I didn't realised at first but she was been badly missed by me.

It was now time to go home, everyone started packing their bag to move out for their home. I was in hurry the most, but frustrated I was, for I came out last. Before I came out I saw a small blue book lying in the table towards the last bench.
Rhetorically I question myself "isn't that where Leno sat yesterday? " I walk down the empty silent class towards the book and picked it up to explore more about whose the book belong to. Shower of joy and chills went down my spines as I flipped over to the first page and saw Leno's name with her personal contact in it. Happiness filled my heart as I hurriedly leave my class and went home with the small happiness.

I threw my bag downand without even a second thought noted down her contact number with a little hope to see her name in my social media screen. Social media was all that I had to atleast "get in touch with her".
Soon it was nightfall in no time, everything around seems more better and beautiful that night. After doing all my errands and silly unnecessary things, with a cup of tea I shoot straight for my warm bed ready to be off to sleep. Before doing that I checked my phone for one last time and that was the moment I remember that i had her number.Excited about it, fingers shivering, nervous but I manage to text her "Hey Leno? " a little over 5 minutes later she replied "Hello! And you are? ". That's quite formal I thought to myself. "Its me kiko". She didn't reply for sometime so I thought she might have felt uncomfortable and uneasy about chatting with me so she might stop replying me. It was like getting rejected without even saying a word, I felt so embarrassed at the same time abhorrent about my act. wedding guest gown with long sleeves
"TING!!! "my phone sounded and my screen light up, it was Leno replying after some 10minutes later "sorry! I was having my dinner.Nice to see you here kiko".
That took me by surprised as I never expected her to reply me after discovering who I was. That night we chatted for some quality time before both dozing off.
From our first chat I came to know that she was in a wedding on friday. I didn't get to know much about her and most importantly whether "she had a boy friend!? " or no.??

Then came Monday, although we chatted earlier like we knew each other very well, it was a different case in school. We came face to face many a times but hardly spoke more than a "good morning and hi hello", egoism isn't that?
It seems like no one was going to take a step forward to mend our friendship into a relationship to "just more then being a friend ". Everyday, as usual we chatted but our conversation were not beyond the horizon of the class curriculum and family affairs. In school or be it in class for that matter, both acted like strangers or worst sometime.There was an instant Where we had a comfy talk like how does it over phone but that moment and opportunity was all given a wash away by my friends who pulled me over to show me something which was as silly as an old man hitting over a 16years old girl.

Sometime the Romeo inside me encourage and pulled me over her to talk with her more or maybe ask her out, maybe just get to know her more but that Ego in me punch me to keep my head High "if she don't do it, you don't do it" that was what this ego of mine taught me and I'm living a hell out of it.

Time went by, winter soon started to fall as the cold chilly weather of Kohima started to be a pain in the ass. It was again time for our pre-board exam, chatting became quite rare with little time to spare during exams. It got over tight, I mean the exam schedule. Board exams were to be held in the month of February so there was pressure from all angles making me put more efforts in my studies.Christmas for that year came and went by unnoticed just like how "weekend ends in no time" that an ignorant man like won't me count.
Communication between us soon cease after our Christmas night sweet talk. Maybe she blames me for it but I blame it on my ego. Then came our much awaited board exam, although tiring and difficult *Thank God* I manage to get through to college setting my foot into a college life.

With a huge expectation to see her in our school to collect our results and by that I May be able to make "a historical move"and ask her out. Wouldn't that be a bonanza?? Getting to date the girl one love and reaping the good harvest we toil for. Fantabulous!!
That day I was well dressed and well groom, excited and Contended I move out for school.
I sat among the huge crowd with my friends trying to spot Leno the"beautiful baby". Everyone almost or for that matter many students were Happy with their results. The felicitation-cum-results distribution concluded. So we decided to have a last glimpse over our wonderful school from where we were given the wings to fly higher. A bad idea it was I realised later on.

We went from class by class, floor by floor, towards the end of the ground floor I saw some few other classmates joining us.There among the few others I saw my lone girl "Leno" my heart throbbing with another guy "punk" from another section.Leno seems to have forgotten about me, even though she saw me waving and calling unto her she didn't care to respond at all. The guy hugged her from behind as they hover towards the last corridor before making their way through the walls from the lower gate. A pain she gave me, seeing her with another guy it was like "my lone beautiful garden which I work on it day and night has been claim over by the government with a duplicate patta". That was all I could recollect of our last scene together.

To these days, I still regret for not making a move and being manly enough just for a moment by asking her out. The embarrassment she meted to me when she refused to respond to my calls although I didn't make any move to take a step forward in our friendship. I have always taken her and treated her like my "one and only love". Reminiscing over those little moments we spent burns my heart with regrets and pains . It tears me apart every time I recalled what has been my punishment.

Time flew by, a year has passed now. I joined a prestigious college and was still breathing the cold chilly air of Kohima.
Now living a new Happy life in this new environment, with new faces around. It was all an odyssey I had during my higher secondary years.
"Was Leno just a lesson to me!?" I meticulously rethink over.
Excited or blissful about my undiscovered journey, yet of a broken hearted guy who decided to start anew with this new life reminding myself "Leno is no more. Don't fall in love again! " I started my journey to college, not knowing what's in store for me?? . To be continue (last part) ? ? ?
Thank You. ? ?
Blessed day! ?