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So now what next about this young lady.. Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng aka Ebony..I want to hear comments again on her dressing!!! I don't want to hear she's the cool,respectful,jovial and reserved type now that "our words have killed her".. Where were all these positive attributes when even "educated songs" were given negative meanings.. I really want to hear the insults again.. Aaaaaahhh... Ebony..u are dead..they are happy now.. we couldn't appreciate her for the talent she had to the extent that some of us brought out strong words of death on an innocent soul...What shock me most are some of the words that came from Christians like myself.. Why are we Christians, when the Bible we preach teaches us to love our neighbour as ourselves!! If this gal happened to be one of these "Prophets" daughter,would they prophesy death on her??? The question I always ask"Do we understand Christianity or we just practising religion".. Any Prophet who prophesied death on Ebony and never prayed to win her soul to Christ,has done a zero work for the kingdom and the God we all know will "Judge".. Why do most Ghanaians have "Jealousy and envious" attitude??? Why?At the workplace,church,home,social media..name it.. People just don't like a person even when they don't know u..just one comment,then they go.. I see such attitudes about our system as "uncivilised" .. Rihanna,Beyounce and others were the first but they come to our country and people pay millions to watch them without any criticisms!! All bcos they have been accepted they way they are in their home.. Why can't we do same,those who do bad are been hailed and the good ones who appear real are knocked off .. Ghanaians, let's go and learn "attitudinal acceptance" from the white man!! I need answers. She never deserve this..nooooo..Hypocrites in our country are appreciated and liked more than those who wants to be real.. I like real people and Ebony Reigns no matter what they say u are.. u are one of my youngest female fan. You had a great talent and I know our creator appreciated you the way u are and so I do!!!. Never worry in ur death...Rest in Peace...we will all join u oneday... and to the other two.. May their souls rest in Peace too... To the driver,speedy recovery!!! teal formal dresses # Ebony1RIP #Reigns#