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Trigger warning, anonymous shares traumatic life story!

# anonymous says, she was always a little sensitive but her father's death left her seriously traumatised when she was in grade 10th. Things got better. She was good in studies and did MBA.

Her mother who although had no financial issues married her to a guy 11 years older from a very poor financial background. She was just 21!

She was pretty but the guy was dark and below average. Everyone from their family side was shocked to see the groom's father and his immediate family in serena hotel at wedding, kameez aur dhoti main. Her mother replied that guy has done PMS etc.

The guy treated her like shit since the start. So her depression worsened. He would hit her for silly things. She has all the pictures of domestic violence saved with her. He would hit her head on the wall, kick her and punch her etc.

He would always tell her how ugly she looks even when she would get ready from parlours for her siblings wedding.

She is now 36, has 3 children, oldest is in o'levels. Even when she was from a wealthy family she lived with him in small flats but then he got promoted and was known to be a influencial political figures right hand. With money and power he wanted a little adventure.

Her driver told her that a women comes to his office in rickshaw everyday and she caught some intimate messages herself too. That women was his distant relative and married too. She once came to her house and bought gifts for her and her children. There was a huge helicopter that the kids really liked.

Fast forward, she came to know that her husband has secretly married that women. She was devastated and her family took the case to the court. He knew he could be fired or sent to jail so convinced his wife that he will leave the other women and took oath on Quran so she took back the case.

Lekin phir muker gaya, kept the other women in another rented place. His daughter would take stand for her mother but the sons were to scared of their father to speak up.

That other women made sure the driver, maid and everything stays with her. 2 months back be brought her home, on opposition he along with the other women beat her infront of his children and house staff. Since then he's keeping her on the first floor of the house.

She doesn't want a divorce. Beti ki o'levels ki tuition bhi chutwa dein thein k I can't afford. Takes out the other women on outings and parks infront of them. Celebrates that women birthday but not of his children. Slaps her own daughter if she takes a stand for her mother and threatens her that she would be thrown out of the house. sweet 16 court dresses

The other women who was already married to a poor man took divorce from her husband for him and now she wants driver, cars, maids and expensive dresses to wear and lot of money.

When people ask him your wife was so sweet and beautiful why did you re-marry? Tu kehta hay yaar kya kerta pagal thi. Anti-depressants khati hay. Forgetting how has heart problems, blood pressure etc as if those are not diseases.

Is there any hope for her? She lost 16 years of her life to a wrong man. Stood by him in his bad financial days and now that he is rich he tells her that bachun k lye ghar per rakha hua hay werna road per phenk deta.

Her son's don't play with the helicopter that women brought for them as their revenge even when they want to play with it.

I don't understand why some men go for lust and women for money. Isn't a good heart important?