summer evening gowns

# SLUT ? BY Alexis Camry Climise Bailey
Part 6


Taron:So wassup with you Hope?? Are you alryte!!??

Me: why, didn't you tell me you were his Brother?? You don't get a free pass like everything OKAY !!

TAaron: honestly it wasn't your business too know at the Time & everybody that knows me or him know we related !! It's kinda hard too believe that you didn't know !! And on Top that you dont look like the girl he took maternity pics with !!

Me: it's called losing baby fat & I was extremely huge with Carter !!

Taron: well look that's all in the past let's focus on Now!!

Me: whatever !! ? ?

We pull up too the Mall and Walks over an opens my door !! ? I'm shocked because my 22years of living no one has ever did no shit like that for me!! It got me questioning how he got locked up in the first place Taron an Monroe were nothing a like even before Monroe got ruthless !! I kinda feel like I got out with the wrong brother !! ?

We head in too the Mall and I go too this bomb ass new clothing store. I need to get too some stuff for myself been saving all my money I barley get myself anything any more...
I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all the dresses an fabrics !!

I pick out a couple of pieces too try on, I'm heading too the dressing room when I see that Taron is following around the store like some type of body guard !!

Hey, Big head I yell out!! ?

Taron: wassup

Me: you know you ain't got too follow me around every where I go right !!

Taron: I know but we came here for you not me!! How about I rate your attire for you!!! Model them for me

He said with a smirk on his face!!

Like seriously what's up with this dude why is he being so nice too me !!

Me:, Taron it's ok you don't have to do all that !!

Taron: I want to

He licks his lips when he says it !!

I rush in to the dressing room with out another word, I keep replaying him licking his lips over an over again!! Shits getting me wet as hell!! I ain't felt like his in a long time.. an I haven't had sex sense my last month pregnant with Carter !! So you can only imagine How much I am in need for some good loveing!!!!
I brush off the thoughts an out on dress number one .

I step out of the dressing room and He's just sitting there looking at me with this devilish look on his face !!

Me: so what do you think

Taron: you look sexy as hell i aint gonna lie to you!! Keeping coming

20mins go by an I have tried on countless of outfits some he didn't like on me an other he was damn near drooling over i got down too my last out fit too try on an the price on it was more then my rent money !! But I was just trying it on because he thought I would look cute in it!!

I step out the dressing room once more, an i was Dressed in this Red lace dress that make my curves stick out even more an my back was out so it exposed my tramp stamp on my lower back an had split on each side of the dress all the way up too my hip and it pushes my breast up !! It reminded me of Jessica rabbit it wasn't a look I was going for but as I was trying to check my self in the mirror I peeped at the reflection an seen that Taron was behind me !! Maybe I was feeling things but I swear I could feel his dick on my ass.. an if that was why that was I feel sorry for who Eva he piping cause that won't nun but another leg !! This man was packing, he whispered in my ear now this dress is beyond beautiful on you it was made just for you he was so close too my ear I could feel his breath on my neck !! U had to get these nasty thoughts out my head !! I ran in the dressing room an took the dress off !! I hurried an put my clothes on an took the clothes too cash register.. I told the lady I didn't want the red lace dress she wanted too question me on why. But I shot daggers at her with my eyes !! summer evening gowns

He walked up behind me an read the total out loud 300 dollars !! I looked at him in confusion!!

Taron: how much is the lace dress ??

Me: 1200

Taron: really that's all ??

Me: yah big baller so I'm not going to get it !!

Taron : lol, Mrs. Can you go head an ring it up all together??

Cashier: yes sir, and the total is 1,560.00 $$ Cash or Credit Mame!!

Me: I don't have that kind of money please you didn't have to add the dress!!

Taron : hea !!

I see Taron pull out ahead of Cash from his Pockets and all I see is 100's and 50's

Me: Taron you don't have to do this

Taron; I know but I want too, just let me show you how you suppose too be treated !!

I couldn't even fix my mouth to speak after that
He gave her the money told the cashier too keep the change !! I swear she was looking at him in disbelief !! ?

Excuse me mrs. I hea some one call out to me ??

You have a very great man right there!

Ooh he's not my man he's my son's uncle !!

She looked like I just gave her the green light cause she ran off to try too talk to him!! But he wasn't paying her any attention!!

Taron: come on hope

I walked pass the the lady quickly, I never felt like this before safe secure an happy with some one before I can't explain this feeling but it's calm feeling like a piece I've been missing !!

We reach the car an he puts the bags inside of the trunk an opens my door for me !! Before we hop in he pulls me by my hand so that I'm against his chest !! The sent of his Cologne was memorizing me .. I wrapped my arms around him it's like I didn't have any control over my body an I rest my head on his chest it felt like home like everything was perfect he tilted my head back an spoke the words that would change my life forever !!

Taron: let me be the one that makes you smile, if you give me that chance I promise you won't be disappointed .. he pulled my face towards him an brushed a piece of hair out my face !! Your beautiful and I'll like too properly take you out!!

I really didn't know what too say , I couldn't help my self I pulled his face to mine an stuck my tongue in his mouth an let are tongues explore away the kiss was so passionate I wanted more but I couldnt let him know that I had to play my cards right !! We finally pulled away from the kiss!!

Taron : soo thats yes !!

Me: definitely

I said with a smile ?