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* # ZIMSEC BOARD MUST FALL,No to English Paper 2 rewriting*

*Come and petition the parliament to take action on the issue*

*Venue:Africa Unity Square*

*Date: 14 Feb 2018*

Zimbabweans let's come together parents and children, those who sat last November and those who love their country to petition the Zimbabwean Parliament to take action so that our children will not sit again for English Paper 2, why

1. Ordinary level is a two year course and after relaxing their muscles they are being told to prepare for it again and write over two weeks. Our children have brains they are not robots.
2. A number of students have travelled or are no longer enrolled by their former boarding schools and now parents and guardians are being forced to look for money for transport and probably accommodation expenses for their children to sit again. (An unbudgeted expense)
3. Some children are not going to make it for the exams due to short notice and what is it that is going to be written on their result slips?
4. These Ordinary level students are prospective Advanced level students (a 15 months course and due to late results delivery, they will be forced to do it in 13 months) do you know how risky this is for a number still fail to pass for 15 months, therefore reduction in months it's reduction is chances of yielding better results for this stream. Thousands of lives affected and future of many alter. Think about that.
5. The menace is this situation is non other than Zimsec it's self because that's where the paper leaks and the children take advantage of the academic loot to make their futures better.
6. This has been Zimsec's trend since 2012 and if we bespectacle this issue it's worsening each year, now it's too much ....if we leave them this time mind you next year children will rewrite all exams and the following after registering they will not even write the exams at let's stop this baby called Zimsec from adopting bad manners
7. Since the evolvement of the new dispension a little if not non of attention have been paid to corrupt activities by this national examination board. It's high time it goes under the ZACC microscopic eye so see and kill the germs toughening the lives of the little ones.Zimsec should be investigated. Since the beginning of this leaking thing, still Zimsec has the same officials so the problem is still there.
8. There is something that is not making sense, as a routine papers are usually marked before the end of January and published in February, so do the Zimsec officials mean that all along since November last year haven't seen this cheating gap only to see it clearly now when the whole nation is anticipating results. Isn't this a plan by the top official to get a big loot for a lot of transactions are going to be made for transport costs and allowances, reprinting, marking e.t.c ? A number of Zimbabweans smell a rat there. petite mother of the bride or groom dresses short
9. Rewriting will only punish the students and not the actual culprits, it actually enrich them. We are sick and tired of window dressing we want meaningful change.

This problem affects every Zimbabwean citizen either directly or indirectly so let's come out and sign the petition.

Pasi newindow dressing
Pasi necorruption and suppression
Pasi neinjustice to the children.

We want a fair, credible and transparent system. We are in a constitutional crisis and we have the solution by addressing our own problems.

So all former and current ordinary level students, parents, teachers, PTUZ officials, Junior Councils and Parly, Child related NGOS, PTUZ officials, concerned activists, politicians and concerned citizens join us at Africa Unity Square on Wednesday 14 February 2018 to petition the parliament

*Date: 14 February 2018*
*Venue: African Unity Square*
*Time : 0800 hours throughout the day*

For more information Contact:0784500442/0772681164/ 0779874519/

*Bring your banners with your message

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