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“Black Panther” is a social event from everybody more than a movie as “Wonder Woman” was for all the girls, women and even guys who were waiting for these characters to be in the big screen since their creation half a century ago. Glad that everything is set for next weekend. An African King, who is also a custodian and vigilante. “Blade”, “Spawn” and “Luke Cage” can’t match a king who doesn’t descends from slaves. I’m for a treat with this movie, I personally will choose “Spawn” any day of the week but that’s just because I’m evil.

“Black Panther” was created by people who were completely opposite to the character. I’ll watch it with my ethnically diverse group of friends. I must say that I don't identify myself as Black or with the character, and this is fine. I believe "Black Panther" never will be like “Superman” or at least not as universal, and this is ok too, because the character doesn’t need to be like other ones. Like Superman, Storm or Wonder Woman, Black Panther is unique.

The movie is basing its location in Wakanda, Africa (which doesn't exist) so it's correct that the cast must be almost entirely Black, African or with people of dark skin. Same as "Carmen Jones" or other movies with this full ethnic type of cast as the storyline required because it only can work this way. However, It's always a refreshing thing to watch, like “Shaka Zulu” or “The Color Purple”.

However, it's like if life starts on Earth (or only in The USA for real) with every generation. Everything seems new even the 'race' of heroes taken to the screen. It’s always fun to remind people of their own blindness. "Black Panther" is important for African or dark skin boys, like Black Americans, as “X-men”, Ororo Munroe, aka “Storm” was for girls (as the character are portrayed like originated both in Africa, no USA, it gives them more ethnic conclusive origin). It’s great!

Many boys will identify with the character, other no so much since is a King, but there’s plenty from where to choose; after all I think it’s more easy for girls identifying themselves with an Amazonian Semi-Goddess Princess (Wonder Woman), a lot girls and women did because it’s beyond race or social status. So everyone who likes it, will identify with it, no matter what. However as the White Race is a construct, same is the Black Race; children know it, this is the reason because of boys dressing like Superman anytime, no matter if the boy is Latino, Black, Asian, Native American or White. If you believe the case is misrepresentation, Blade (with three movies), Luke Cage TV Show and Spawn (which is one of my favorite characters, with one movie) have accomplished more by far through the years than what this movie will do for Black Americans, except for the new generations who always forget the recent past; in the previous ones all the actors and their characters are Americans also. Furthermore, Luke Cage represents the struggle of the regular black guy lives daily in his neighborhood, Harlem, same neighborhood where Ororo Munroe was raised outside Africa. That’s real representation. There's always more: Cyborg, Black Lightening, Green Lantern, Static Shock, Falcon, Cloak, Hawk, War Machine, Steel, Firestorm, Nick Fury, Black Adam (villain thou but I like villains) etc. modest prom dresses under 100

I think the thing with “Black Panther”, mostly momentum as it's a character created in the 60’s by two white men (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), encompasses the 60’s revolution and take its name from the civil rights force which was The Black Panthers. There’s a symbolism there with "Black Panther" in its first movie. "Blade" was a character surrounded, loved and followed by a diverse group of fans (boys used to dress up like him for Halloween), as same happens for other Black characters. Black Panther will be successful because it has to, it’s its first and only blockbuster so far after its creation but to get to be like "Superman"? As universal? It’s expecting too much. Only an alien. Kal-El is an underdog; he’s the illegal alien who is an orphan, who is a refugee from a very far planet which was destroyed, who permanently have to pretend to be the nerdy Clark Kent; he’s by far the only hero who is backward. "Black Panther" could have dark skin but he's not an underdog, he's a damn KING and this is great!!

People will go to watch "Black Panther" because the movie looks good, the main character is playing in an amazing way by Chadwick Boseman and because we all love these characters, their entourage, the art, designs and the science fiction which take us away from our own reality, this time to The Kingdom/Nation of Wakanda.

If you want to see beauty, in its universal ways... always try to watch movies, tv shows and even plays with different and diverse ethnic groups. This always make the world a little more closer and closer every time.