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Yesterday was such a wonderful blessed day! It started off with a really great Sunday Morning at Jackson Township Church. As a pastor, I am so proud of so many of you. The ways in which you are growing and stretching your spiritual muscles. Praise be to The Lord. I love having the little kids scampering and running in church. It's life-It's energy long sleeve ball gown wedding dress
It is the next generation of our church.
Yesterday was Kaitlyn Knierim (Katie Knierim)
20th. Birthday. Sometimes you can get so full of emotion that it just chokes you to try and get it all out.
We went to Percival's Hanger for her Birthday Dinner, her choice.
With Grandpa & Grandma Knierim & Grandma Deanna-Ron Higgs .
I had to get some horse feed and dog food from Rural King before heading home.
Who was right by my side, Katie!
I had to run to Hord, IL. and pick up 11 large round bales of hay, for the horses. Ms. Katie's had to ride along. (To make sure that Dad didn't fall asleep.)Lol Even though I had just drank a 5-energy drink.
Along the way the conversation covered a variety of topics. From life choices--dating--values--
To how to if Road Kill was worth picking up! Lol
When we got home, I had to run to Dad & Mom's to get the tractor. When I got back Katie was out in the pasture in the mud and the muck. Helping set a bale of hay out for the horses. As we finished, She asked if she could drive the tractor back out. She there she went.
I told her Katie, you know this isn't your normal 20 year old girl's birthday. Her reply, yes I know who said I was normal! Lol
My firstborn daughter Kristen Justin Brown , was born the year I turned 16.
I was 27 when Kaleb J. Knierim , was born. I felt that 3 kids was enough. My sweetheart, Tanya wanted a precious baby girl. One that she could dress in ribbons and pink lace. One The she could braid and curl her hair.
Well that didn't work out too well! Lol Katie would rather wear jeans & camo, boots instead of heels.
However if you think she isn't a Godly Young Lady you don't know our Katie.
I know pretty soon some courageous young man is going to come and ask for permission to date you. Then for your hand in marriage.
Then you will take off that silver band and exchange for a golden band.
Love You Katie Girl.