halter dress formal

Public storage unit A102
3679 McElroy Road Doraville Ga 30340 Auctioned on 01/18/2018
My family and I became homeless back in September 2017. This unit contained all of mine and my daughter's belongings including my wedding dress and all her toys. We currently live in an extended stay and with the cost of living here and losing my job I fell behind on payments on my unit. I didn't know it was going up for auction because my phone was shut off for a little while and my mail was being sent to my grandmother's house. My grandmother never informed me of mail from public storage until after my unit had been auctioned. She stated the info came on a post card not in a letter inside an envelope. Not sure if this is true because she still hasn't given it to me. halter dress formal
I really hope whoever bought it sees this and is willing to make a deal so we can have what's left of our lives back.