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This is my first post ... it’s a free form poem i just wrote called “A Hush Falls”

I opened to “write: ‘blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!’” You are blessed and you are called to the marriage supper of the lamb. Boring... so I wrote a poem just going and flowing with the images... it’s pretty sweet I think enjoy! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A HUSH FALLS, by Peter z
A hush falls over the world ?
a new violet sky shines over this place....
white wedding veil hides brides sweet face. bridegroom stands beside edged in grey ? blue as they stand amazed at th’ horizon encircled venue.

The vineyards of Shilohs ? grapes laid out in emerald stripes and the fields of white Chardonnay, sheep ? grazing alongside baby ? donkey nibbling his way from clover ☘️ here to clover ☘️ there he sees it he gets it and he don’t care .... can’t be beat ... he has a front row seat standing left of bride sniffing at the ivy thinking he might give the gardenias ? floating in the fountain ⛲️ another try. He stomps and ? neighs and feels her hand and he straightens up and shows his black bow tie ? ? to the crowd again.

Fountains ⛲️ splashing ... the 1000 piece white princess ? cake dipped ? in sweet ? violet frosting awaits .... many little green ringed gold plates .... “I do!” “I will!” The square gold ring topped with a jade stamp size ? leviathan so many doves ? trailing up ? through ? the air ? and blue birds lift the ? veil as Francis kisses her as if Greccio was right there.

Sweet sweeter sweetest thing happens that has never happened before ... With a smile on her face her step mother walks in through the door “pink dress ? shot with gold ☀️ and almost trailing the floor I wasn’t sure she had it her” he says “I had faith all along we’d all be home in time for dinner.” Her eyes roll but she holds her tongue as they kiss and the priest says” I now pronounce you no longer 2 but 1. What happens in Babylon stays in Babylon.” The end your friend Peter Z . gold mother of the bride dresses

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