gold color wears for flower girl

Shannon did my colors a few weeks ago. Let me just say, “I am a believer!”
I should preface this post by saying I love navy, red and white. I wear those colors all the time. Needless to say, they are not in my color fan.
After having my colors done and seeing what colors made my natural features come out, I started paying more attention to myself in the mirror. I was slowly starting to realize that there might be some truth to my color analysis.
But, it wasn’t until I went shopping for a Formal Ballgown that I was completely converted to my color fan! Like I said earlier, I LOVE navy, especially in a Formal. I went to a nice department store and went straight to my regular with silver, navy with gold and black. I happened to be walking by a sale rack and noticed a green dress that was long-sleeved. Since the function I was attending was in the middle of Nebraska in the Winter, I decided to try the dress on. I went to the dressing room and proceeded to try on dress after dress. Black one had too much lace and I looked like Morticia. Navy with silver completely washed me out and did NOTHING for me. Navy with gold was a little better, but not a show stopper. Then I tried on the green dress...a green that looked like it was hand picked from my color fan, I might add. Oh my goodness! It was perfection. I could immediately see the difference in how the color I was wearing changed how I looked completely. gold color wears for flower girl
I bought the green dress. I’ve been going to Formals for lots of years. Most of the time, your friends give you a mandatory compliment and move on. I had so many compliments that evening...from friends and complete strangers...women and men.
I am so thankful to Shannon for opening my eyes to finally see what I SHOULD be wearing!

— with Shannon Chandler Manion and .