cocktail dress code

It's official!

One of Nigeria's finest comedy export, the comedian with too much swagga and anointing, the one and only AKPORORO will be cracking your ribs live in the city of Aba at The Hilarious Banquet 2018! cocktail dress code

Congratulations Miss Gloria Ochonogor for being the first person to comment the correct answer, you've won yourself a Classy ticket. You'll be contacted any soon.

The countdown to Sunday April 8th is about to begin...

Don't say I didn't tell you oooo!

# TheHilariousBanquet Cocktail Edition.
......Laughter..... Style..... Fun.... Glamour....

Time: Black and white carpet 2pm
Banquet starts by 3pm
Dresscode: Ladies-gowns
Gentlemen-suits and ties
Colors of the day: white and black

# GracedKlasikal # ComedySuperstar # HappinessActivator # MobileTalkinson

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