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My family wanted me to post the eulogy I wrote for dad. I'm sure there may be grammar errors but it I didn't plan on posting until they asked.
John, Jack, Jackie, Husband, Father, Papa
Dad wore many hats- boy did he ever!
Dad had given me the task of writing his eulogy,
He wanted to make sure, I kept the smiles going.
So Dad I will do my best for you…
Dad was born in Queens NY on February 19, 1945
He served in the Army where he became a cook.
He worked in food service throughout his life.
He was food service director at
The old St. Clares Hospital and Glendale Nursing home for many, many years..
He left Glendale to pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant Juhren’s Seafood Tavern on the Square in downtown Schenectady.
I have been told by many of his old employees that dad was a great man to work for, he took great interest in knowing them well. He knew their families and always put family first.
Dad was married before my mom.
Sadly his first wife passed away way too young.
Dad was left raising his 3 young children along with help of grandma Juhren.
In June of 1985, he came into my life..
My small family of mom, Jen and me and
His family of John and his 3 kids,
Marylynn, Joanne and John Jr.
All went bowling ( I think, I won lol)
And after only 5 short months- They got married.
That’s how we became the Brady bunch!
So that’s how Jen and I ended up with 2 amazing Dads, and Marylynn, Joanne and John ended up with 2 wonderful moms. Life doesn’t always come with a roadmap but boy has it been a crazy ride.
Through the years we did many things together-
One summer we took a road trip to Wally World, in our Panel sided , Huge station wagon. We Hooked and loaded up the pop up trailer on back and left for Oklahoma, then off to Florida and back up the eastern coast, camping the whole way. Can you imagine doing that today with 4 teenage girls and a 9 year old boy in tow. It was quite the trip to say the least. We did many things as the Brady bunch family , times were not always easy but we put the fun in dysfunctional!
Holidays at our house were always a blast. Dad and mom had many parties. Christmas time dad and I would decorate the house. When I say decorate I really mean really decorate. I can still remember hanging off a ladder and being passed a potato because dad says that’s the easiest way to get a broken bulb out of a socket. I’m surprised neither one of us got electrocuted. Small shocks maybe. Dad always dressed the part every Christmas morning and when the grandkids were born this turned into a full blown out event. JuneBridals wedding party wears for bridesmaids
St.Patricks dad was always a huge deal. Mom would be baking like 100 soda breads and dad would be dressed like a leprechaun. He always dressed the part for all the holidays.
Dad was also a member of several organizations , I know his 2nd love being The Ancient Order of Hibernians where he is a past president. He did many things for them. His favorite was heading their chapter for Project Children. This brought kids over from Ireland for the summer to get away from the fighting and placing them with host families.
After Dad “retired” he did many odd jobs to keep busy and I know his favorite ( and the grandkids favorite) was driver for Mr. Ding-A- Ling
…anyone want a Mr. Goodbar..
Dad was a big family man, he loved his family.
Although mom wasn’t his 1st wife, he loved her with all his heart. They have been together for over 30 years and raised 5 wonderful kids.. and enjoyed 9 grandkids.

Dad loved to refer to us as numbers lol
Daugther #1
Jennifer- who know has Kayleigh who attends Mohonasen high school as a freshman and loves bowling.
Daughter #2
Marylynn- who has Joey who attends college
Daughter #3
Joanne- who has Samantha and Mykaela- both are seniors at Schenectady High school. Both girls are very skilled in soccer. Dad attended many of their games.
And me, Daughter #4 – Or depending on his mood his other son. Who is married to John Ashley have Myranda ( the oldest of the grand
kids) – JJ who is following in Papas footsteps doing culinary in the United States Army. And Shane who attends college.
And his #1 Son and his name sake John. Who is married to Jessie and have the youngest 2 of the grandkids… Joshua and Jewels..
A few years back mom and dad purchased a house and Great grandma came to live with them. Grandma is 94 and is the rock of the family.

Mom – dad was loved by all the people he came across in his life and will surely be missed. His spirit lives on and can be caught by looking into any of the grandchildren’s eyes. They all have a part of his personality in them. He does live on. Heaven got another angel and anytime you want to see him look up in the nighttime sky and see the stars and know he’s just looking for a place to hang his Christmas lights. ( because you know you’ll see them from here)