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The Magic of Harry Potter at Book Street

The thin crowd at Book Street Hồ Chí Minh allow you to appreciate the layout of this book enclave. The bookshops are laid out like an open concept, with lot of space to browse at leisure, as well as sit down at the cafes to enjoy a read, or conversation with friends.

The greenery, artistic sculptures, myriad of colour scheme, and interesting street art walls transform this place as an open studio for photoshoot. Every time I visit this place, there will be some dressed in traditional ao dai, wedding wear, or beautiful make up akin to a photo session do. And such attraction always draw others to steal a snap or two of the subjects posing at different areas of the place. JuneBridals simple casual wedding gowns added With sleeves for large size women

Harry Potter: "But why's she got to go to the library?"
Ronald Weasley: "Because that's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library."

On the visit there on feb 22, saw some school kids wanted to snap their friend reading a book. Zooming in on the book, she was holding a Harry Porter book. I guess she was casting herself as Hermione. If she wasn’t, she was the Hermione for me for that moment to try and capture her in a nerdy pose.

From where I stood, there was a small gap that only showed the upper half of her while seating. In front of me, to the left was the statue of two kids reading. To the right, a tree that was stencilled with no 14 (each of the tree in the area has a number). Make the best use of the gap I told myself.

Perhaps some white magic coincidence, the no 14 on the tree, (which is like a dark unlucky number for the Chinese at least) would fit well into catching her nerdy pose while reading some new magic spell to ward of evil.

The picture frame in my mind was capturing her like Hermoine, her expression of new found wonderment reading up on new spells. And, for her to look up with an focused expression of being conscious of someone’s presence, and watching her.

Not to make her feel conscious of my lens peering into her direction I had to quickly snap while her friends were giving her instructions on her pose. Of the three pictures, two had a touch of magic spell to capture what I wanted.

Still don’t believe in magic now, do you?