JuneBridals mature style guest apparels used for wedding party

Man these dreams are getting out of hand. and they are becoming so long. I feel like that dream lasted a few days.

I mean... i traveled in that dream to another country. at one point i was matriculating at this age. and the teachers were making fun of me. telling everyone about my first girlfriend i introduced them to. Damn you Ms Titus!! then i had to swim with a high school friend over a snow covered M5 that looked like a tundra, only so i could play with my cousins puppy. help my mother move house only to some how be tricked into joining this ettique my fair lady situation at ctemf.

thats where this dream really takes place.
where all the guys had weird stylists that were in their own project runway style show. so we all got dressed differently anyway i was running late to have our first boy girl dinner situation because of my belt buckle and i didnt know which shoes i was suppose to wear. i get there slightly late we havent been asked to go in yet but the guys had already been introduced to their partners. my partners this slightly higher than my shoulder high blonde white girl. looks like alison mack from smallville but also looks nothing like her. never seen her in my life. has a very hermoine personality to her if hermoine wasn't so mean and angry, a happy hermoine. furthest from "my type". but for some reason, i really want to do right, i already like this weird girl. we go into the dinning room and this boy girl date situation my fair lady thing kicks in again. we are given tables that are circular, for 4 people. so we have to decide how to sit. i am like well we cant shout over each other . so... JuneBridals mature style guest apparels used for wedding party

like i said this dreams long .
and we havent even gotten to the tokyo roof top after party yet. so i'm going to stop here because i have emails to reply to. the diner went bad i tried to make it up. it was a weird dream but it ended like a happy ending rom com movie.with me saying one of the coolest lines i've ever said... and yeah fade to black and i wake up.

side note, a reality show where street smart "uncultured" guys go through this my fair lady vibes while living together and finding love with girls being put through the same situation, is tv gold. kingsman 1 meets batchelor/ette.