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Now this is straight BS... How in the world can these MoFo's think that they can take away anything between a father and their daughter? Even crazier to me is how the hell did they get enough informed thinking citizens to sign-off of this nonsense stating that public schools aren't allowed to have any gender based activities.... NEWSFLASH - All schools composed of individuals that make-up either the Male of Female genders. If a kid or parent claim to be opposite of their biology, then go with that and be all that you want to be; but don't impose your parameters on others... If a little boy wants to dress as a girl and their father wants to bring his little son / daughter out then go with that; but don't tell fathers that because their daughter is actually a daughter can't be supported at the event is wrong on so many levels. I personally believe that all should be treated with trust & respect (as long as it is reciprocated); when others personal decisions are forced upon others, that is going too far. The simplest thing would have been for the school board to use some common sense (which is becoming more rare everyday) and make the event INCLUSIVE versus DISCRIMINATING against students & their parents. JuneBridals chiffon for wedding

On a separate note, how do you think those kids will be viewed and/or treated after having once again been portrayed as not being as causing divisive vs inclusive. No one should be treated wrong or unfairly, so when individuals and/or organizations seek to target & screw with folks kids, you had better be prepared to fight to the end (IJS - Don't poke the bear)!!!

BTW - In the light of all the PC in the world of academia, how are scholarly journey of our kids going.... Are our public schools making quantum leaps & producing graduates prepared to competently perform post graduation vs understanding new books about Adam & Steve as parents (again don't care what folks do in their homes, but do elementary aged/junior-high aged kids really have a need to know about all the extra noise of the world today - I say no, and am pretty confident that will have ZERO positive benefit in helping create better kids prepared to into the world & make a positive contribution).

PC culture killed our school’s father-daughter dance: parents A Staten Island elementary school scrapped its traditional father-daughter dance this coming Friday because of the Department of Education’s new gender guidelines. The DOE ordered schools to “elimi…nypost.com