JuneBridals casual dress for wedding guest

"Grandma's Attic: part 2" --by Tien Brothers--
......"Where did they go??" Denise asked, Dillon just shrugged his shoulders, "that's it??" asked Denise, "what??" asked Dillon in return, "a shrug, that's all you're giving me" replied Denise, "what" Dillon asked "are you talking about, Denise??", "a shrug" said Denise "I asked you where Anna Belle and her Mom went and all you did was give me a shrug for an answer, just a shrug", "I'm just going to pretend that you just did not give me an attitude right now" said Dillon "considering that all I'm trying to do is help you" as he turned to walk the other way, "Dillon??!!" said Denise "please don't go", Dillon kept walking, "Dillonnnnnn" said Denise "please don't be mad", Dillon finally turned back, "did you just whine a little??" he asked, "no" said Denise "well maybe a little" Dillon started to turn away, "okay okay" said Denise "I whined a little bit, it's just because I didn't mean to upset you, I didn't want you to leave me either", "ohhhhh" said Dillon "so you admit that you gave me an attitude", "I didn't say I gave you an attitude" Denise replied "I just say I didn't mean to upset you", Dillon started to walk away again, "Dillonnnnnnnnnnn" said Denise again, "would you please stop whining" said Dillon, "I'm not whining" said Denise "I'm just enunciating your name in a long long long way" Dillon turned away, "okay, okay" said Denise "I was whining a little bit", "and what else??" asked Dillon, "nothing, that's it", Dillon started turning away, "okay, okay" said Denise "and for giving you" Denise turned her head away..."an attitude", "oh I'm sorry" said Dillon "I couldn't hear you because you seemed to have turned your head away when you said it, hmmmmmmm, as if you didn't want me to hear you apologize for giving me an attitude", "I didn't apologize" said Denise quietly as she looked down "or gave you an attitude", Dillon walked up to Denise, stared straight into her eyes, "how is it" he said "that you're giving me an attitude, you're whining and on top of that, you don't even want to apologize or admit to apologizing for all of it??", "Dillonnnnn" said Denise "can we not do this right now??", Dillon looked at Denise then shook his head for a moment, "I don't know whether to spank you for acting spoiled right now or kiss you because you look so cute when you're whining and when you don't want to admit you're wrong", "Dillonnnnnnnn" Denise whined again, "okay, okay" said Dillon "you didn't give me an attitude, you didn't whine, you didn't apologize, I was wrong for accusing you of all those things", Denise just smiled, Dillon just shook his head again, of course Denise knew she won "lets ask this gentlemen if he's seen Anna Belle and her Mom" said Denise "excuse me, sir, have you seen a little girl??" the man just looked at her, "I think you should give him a little bit more of a description of Anna Belle and her Mom instead of just asking if he's seen a "little girl' and besides that, I don't think he understands you, he looks Mexican" Denise looked at him again, "how do you know??" she asked Dillon, "I think we are in some part of Texas or will be Texas in 1845 and the only people native to this part of the country at that time are the Native American Indians and the Mexicans, he looks Mexican", "oh" said Denise, "senor" Dillon said "has visto a una nina con un vestido azul y blanco??", "no vi a la nina" he answered as he left, "what did you ask him, Dillon??" asked Denise, "I think I asked him if he's seen a little girl in a blue and white dress" replied Dillon, "what do you mean you think you did, did you or didn't you??" asked Denise, "well my Spanish isn't the greatest" answered Dillon, "Dillonnnnnn" said Denise, "Denise, if don't stop whining" said Dillon "I'm either going to spank you or kiss you, which will it be??" Denise looked up for a minute, "a spanking sounds kinda fun", "really??" asked Dillon "are you serious right now??", "I'm just kidding" said Denise "but a spanking does sound....", "Denise!!!" said Dillon, "I'm just kidding, so what did he say??", "he said no" Dillon replied, "now what??" asked Denise, "let's go back to Sarah's" said Dillon "we'll come back tomorrow". JuneBridals casual dress for wedding guest