1920s evening dresses for sale

Ok it’s gonna be soooo hard for me to save..... not literally but mentally... I fucking hate doing it which is bad but I love to shop.... but I’m gonna be a good girl.... giving my Mom $3,500 for my new car today and every weekend try to give a couple stacks and I’m getting this brand new 2018 GMC.... that’s it.... I’m tired of talking about it.... I’m gonna do it! WATCH..... my family got me over here looking like a chump.... everyone has a new fucking car but Della and I’m the fucking hustler fuck that.... time to get this shit going.... though yes I want an almost 50k car but I’m 34 years old been in my game a minute it’s fucking time to shine.... I’m done playing.... NO MORE SHOPPING FOR ME.... Well I’ll only use my Victoria Secret Card lol... Hey that’s serious weaning.... lol A few months and it’s coming home to me... then I can shop like crazy afterwards.... GOALS I CAN DO THIS.... sucks though cause as I’m saving I have to spend.... Nautiana’s prom is coming so I have to start now to get her dress and limo.... plus she wants hair extensions so I got to buy the hair have it put in ( hair ain’t cheap) then professional pics and make up... every time I turn around I’m needed to pay something it ain’t easy saving as spending.... but I’m gonna give it to my Mom so I can’t touch it.... 1920s evening dresses for sale